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FileDeep Learning Pipeline_ Building A Deep Learning Model With TensorFlow-2020 (...2023-03-01 05:21 12368k
FileHyperparameter Tuning for Machine and Deep Learning with R_ A Practical Guide...2023-03-01 05:21 4468k
FileInterpretable AI- Building explainable machine learning systems.pdf2023-03-01 05:15 21096k
FileIvan Gridin - Automated Deep Learning Using Neural Network Intelligence_ Deve...2023-03-01 05:28 11920k
FileML Cheatsheet.pdf2023-02-28 22:41 3532k
FileML-notes.pdf2023-02-28 22:21 3584k
FileMolnar - Interpretable Machine Learning 2ed(2022) [Molnar] [9798411463330] (2...2023-03-01 05:15 12516k
FileProduction-Ready Applied Deep Learning_ Learn how to construct and deploy com...2023-03-01 05:27 8504k
FileSerg Masís - Interpretable Machine Learning with Python_ Learn to build int...2023-03-01 05:18 9740k
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